Youth & Science

Youth & Science wants to promote scientific careers among young people.

Addressed to 15/16 year old students. It’s a 3 years program:

Year 1:

A group of selected high ability students participate in a summer Science program.

5 different Research projects directed by 6 Research Centers.

The students spend their time in the summer in our residential centre in the pyrennees MónNatura Pirineus  working with real researchers and getting involved in one of the projects of their interest. This is their first contact with real research. After this period they will need to write a scientific article with the help of their mentors as if it was going to be published. This article needs to be handed in by January and it is a requirement to continue participating in the program for the following 2 years.

Researchers Involved in the program  This year:

Year 2:

Students will join real research projects at the centres of their choice. By the end of this year they will need to publish a Scientific article with the help of their mentors.

Year 3:

Those students who have managed to publish their article, will have the opportrunity to participate in an International or National research project of their interest. They will identify the research team they want to join and our Foundation will suport and finance it. Many diferent oportunities in national centeres (see previous list) and internationally, including:

  • London International Youth Science Forum (UK)
  • Petnica International Summer Science Program (Sèrbia)
  • International Summer Science Institute (ISSI) (Israel) 
  • Research Science Institut Summer program (RSI)


More information (Spanish/Catalan): click here