Debates that foster the arts and critical thinking and seek to engage in reflection to work for a fairer society

The series suggests reflecting on issues that are universal and therefore affect us all personally and make us question our thinking and action.

Soon we will be launching Action & Reflection 2020.

Previous editions

2019 edition

2019 edition

  • ‘Fake news: Disinformation or the culture of deceit’ with Marc Amorós and Begoña Román, moderated by Glòria Serra.
  • ‘Veganism: The future?’ with Marta Martínez and F. Xavier Medina, moderated by Gaspar Hernàndez.
  • ‘Digitalisation and dispersion’ with Genís Roca and Vicenç Villatoro, moderated by Xantal Llavina.
  • ‘Humour and freedom of expression’ with Queco Novell and Guillermo Martínez-Vela, moderated by Toni Clapés.
2018 edition

2018 edition

  • 'Ecology and sustainable economy', with Andreu Mas-Colell and Ramon Folch i Guillen. Moderated by José Luis Gallego.
  • 'Families today', with Asha Miró and Manuel Delgado. Moderated by Silvia Cóppulo.
  • 'Female leadership', with Natza Farré and David Fernández. Moderated by Núria Ribó.
  • 'Resilience and adaptation to changes', with Isidre Esteve and Elsa Punset. Moderated by Josep Puigbó.
2017 edition

2017 edition

  • 'Landscape and cultural identity', with Joan Nogué and Francesc Serés. Moderated by Joan Morales.
  • 'Young talent today', with Samuel Sánchez and Ivan Bruque. Moderated by Antoni Bassas.
  • 'Mindful ageing', with Mercè Boada and Josep Santacreu. Moderated by Elisenda Roca.
  • 'Collaboration platforms and economy', with Ignasi Carreras and Albert Cañigueral. Moderated by Albert Closas.
2016 edition

2016 edition

  • 'Ethics and leadership', with Josep M. Lozano and Sister Lucia Caram. Moderated by Jaume Barberà.
  • 'Photography and social action', with Xavier Antich and Kim Manresa. Moderated by Eduard Voltas.
  • 'Cuisine: Culture and Territory', with Ada Parellada and Jesús Contreras. Moderated by Toni Massanés.
  • 'Happiness and inner life', with Josep M. Esquirol and Rafael Santandreu. Moderated by Emili Manzano.
2015 edition

2015 edition

  • 'Personal and civil commitment', with Joan Rigol and Salvador Cardús. Moderated by Milagros Pérez-Oliva.
  • 'Culture and science in the digital age’, with Joan Manuel Tresserras and Jorge Wagensberg. Moderated by Josep Perelló.
  • 'Visions of transcendence', with Armand Puig and Joan Tubau. Moderated by Jaume Barberà.
  • 'What is culture', with Vicenç Altaió and Eudald Carbonell. Moderated by Lluís Reales.