Alimentia Academy is a country-wide project that seeks to transform society through food

The project consists of 4 major subject areas


Alimentia Academy works to improve people's nutrition, promote healthy habits, and provide tools and solutions in terms of major dietary restrictions.

icon--p-alimentacio_1 Science and Technology

Alimentia Academy makes available to society scientific rigour, technological innovation and scientific research in the food scope.

Gastronomic culture and heritage

Alimentia Academy promotes the appreciation and conservation of the culinary and gastronomic heritage of our territory.


Sustainability and the future

Alimentia Academy is committed to a sustainable, ecological and social food future

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Alimentia Academy is a training centre that offers a catalogue of programmes and courses that aim to bring research and innovation within the scope of nutrition, health and food production to society.

The project ensures that everyone, regardless of their age or stage of life, is able to follow healthy eating habits according to their preferences and to enjoy their food at each meal.

In the same spirit,Alimentia Academy wants to be a space of creation and confluence for  leading scientific and technological entities, which provide scientific knowledge to offer real answers,  affordable and applicable solutions for daily life, with a special emphasis on those people who for one reason or another require a specific diet.