We work towards a society that is respectful of persons with dementia

What is a Dementia Friendly community?

A Dementia Friendly community is an informed, safe and respectful community that allows individuals with dementia to live a full life as independently as possible. It seeks to ensure that if a person leaves home to go shopping or for a walk, they will have the support of their fellow citizens, who are willing to help them whenever they need it.

The first Dementia Friendly community in the country

As part of the REMS Programme, in which our participants are empowered and engage in projects and activities with their environs, we have launched the first Dementia Friendly community in the entire country in Vilanova i la Geltrú with the goal of diminishing the stereotypes and prejudices that affect individuals with dementia while promoting their autonomy and independence.

The Vilanova Social Space has worked with the more than 40 participants in the REMS Programme, which was organised into working groups to reflect, share and explain the difficulties the participants come upon every day when they leave home associated with aspects like memory, disorientation, communication, their own identity and social isolation. With this information, the decalogue on “How persons with memory deficits want to be treated” was developed.

Dementia Friendly Decalogue