The Farmer’s Network promotes organic farming to improve the sustainability of farms

What is the Farmer’s Network? 

  • This initiative seeks to increase the farmed area following the principles of organic farming, thus lowering the use of synthetic and phytosanitary fertilisers, which reach the water courses and impact the biodiversity.
  • The goal of the project is to support farmers in maintaining and improving farm landscapes in order to maintain the biodiversity near the most populous regions of the country.

How do we support farmers?

  • Throughout the entire conversion process to organic farming, the farmers in the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation’s Network are assisted by technicians who advise them on both agricultural and bureaucratic matters so they can secure the certification awarded by the CCPAE and adapt their farming systems to the organic regulations.
  • Finally, once they have earned this certification, the producers in the Farmers’ Network can join the local producers in the MANS social cooperative. Joining this cooperative will help them plan and commercialise their products, since it guarantees them stability and fair prices. MANS sells these local, organic products to the large retail channels where it works.



Of the 120 ha of vegetable gardens and fruit orchards