Registration calendar 2021-2022
Registration calendar 2021-2022
22 November 2021 - 23 January 2022
Registration deadline on 23 January
24 - 27 January 2022
Candidate selection process
28 January 2022
Final resolution
Communication to selected and non-selected students
28 January - 6 Februrary 2022
1st Payment
Confirmation of the student's place by the 1st payment
28 January - 6 Februrary 2022
Deadline to receive documentation and confirm attendance at the Campus Natura 2022 Inauguration Ceremony
19 February 2022
Inauguration ceremony of the Campus Natura 2022 program, informative meeting for families and 1st session at La Pedrera
As from 19 February
Start of the programme
Start of the different sessions of the campus
16 - 23 March 2022
2nd Payment
2nd payment of the application fee

Candidate profile

  • Students in their 1st year of baccalaureate in the science and/or technology track during academic year 2021-2022. 
  • Studying at a secondary school in Catalonia, either public, private or publicly-subsidised private schools.
  • Strong academic record, which must come with motivation, interest and a curiosity in science and especially in the field of biodiversity and nature conservation.
  • Good level of oral and written English. 
  • Sound interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Excitement to participate and commitment to make the most of the opportunities provided by the programme.

Registration process

  • The entire registration process takes place online via the programme website. No documents sent by post or email will be accepted.
  • The following are needed for candidates to be considered:
    • Online submission of the authorisation form with the information on the student's parent or legal guardian.
    • Online submission of the registration form filled out by the candidate. 
    • The online confidential recommendation of the  student's science, maths or technology teacher.
  • Candidates who do not submit all the documents requested during the established period online will be excluded from the selection process.
  • Submission of the application form does not guarantee direct admission into the Nature Campus programme. All the candidacies submitted will be part of a selection process.

Selection process

  • All the candidacies received will be individually evaluated. The information and documentation provided by each candidate will be evaluated in the selection process, including:
    • The student’s answers to the questions on the registration form, including the letter of interest.
    • The confidential recommendation from a teacher in the field of science, maths or technology of the school.
    • Academic record.
    • English level.
    • Motivation and a desire to participate in scientific experiences in the field of biodiversity and nature conservation.
  • The candidates will be chosen by an internal selection jury from the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation once the registration period is closed.
  • Notification of the final selection will be sent after 28 January 2022.
  • Out of all the candidates, a total of 30 students will be chosen to participate in the Nature Campus programme.
  • All communication shall take place via email.
  • The jury’s selection decision may not be appealed.

Price of the programme

  • The Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation organises and finances the Nature Campus programme.
  • Once chosen for the programme, each student must pay €640 as a contribution apart from the cost of the Nature Campus programme via the website.
  • Participation in the Nature Campus programme includes: 
    • Training of students by experts in the different areas of biodiversity and nature who participate in the programme.
    • Round trip transport from La Pedrera (Casa Milà) to all the natural spaces visited during the programme:
      • MónNatura Delta de l'Ebre
      • MónNatura Pirineus
      • Món Sant Benet
      • Montserrat - Coll de Can Maçana
      • Alinyà Mountain
      • Blanes
    • Accommodation and meals for the weekend sessions at MónNatura Delta de l'Ebre, MónNatura Pirineus and Alinyà Mountain*.
    • Accident and liability insurance.
    • Teaching materials.

*Breakfast and lunch on Saturday are not included in the weekend sessions at MónNatura Delta de l'Ebre and Alinyà Mountain.

The payment must be received by February 6th 2022, once the candidates have been chosen. Candidates who do not make the payment by this deadline will be excluded from the programme.

The payment will be made in two installments, one first payment of 390€ and a second payment of 250€. The first payment must be made from January 28th, 2022 to February 6th, 2022 to confirm the student’s place. The second payment must be made from March 16th to 23rd, 2022.

Scholarship plan

The Nature Campus program bases the evaluation and selection process on the qualities of the candidates. The Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation is committed to providing opportunities for young people so the granting of scholarships to candidates who can document that they cannot meet the registration fee will be studied. To apply for scholarships contact us at once your application has been selected and before the end of the period for the payment of place confirmation.

Once the scholarship has been applied for, no payment will be required until the scholarship is resolved.



Termination and cancellation policy of the Program

When the participant requests to withdraw from the program

In the event that the participant chooses to withdraw from the program voluntarily, without just cause, the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation will not refund any of the payments already made.

Only in the case where the participant claims that the cancellation is due to sufficiently justified personal reasons, or in those cases not provided for in these regulations, the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation may request accrediting documentation from the participant, and each case will be evaluated individually. The decision of the Foundation will be final.


As a general rule, the Foundation reserves the right to modify, unilaterally and for justified reasons, any aspect that affects the sessions of the training programs, without this generating any right to a refund of the amounts paid by the participant or his or her tutors.


Complete cancellation of the program by the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation

In the event that the Catalunya la Pedrera Foundation, due to internal causes, has to cancel the program definitively and completely once the payment has been made, and as long as the program cannot be run in another format, place or on different dates, the refund of 100% of the amounts paid will be reimbursed covering the period until the time of cancellation. These amounts will be refunded using the same method used for payment.


Cancellation of the program due to force majeure or situations not attributable to either the participant or the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation

Force majeure means any unforeseeable, unavoidable and overwhelming situation or event beyond the control of the parties (e.g. war, revolution, terrorist acts, border closures, epidemics, natural disasters, etc.). If the Catalunya la Pedrera Foundation is faced with a situation of force majeure that affects the development or continuity of the program, all those affected will be notified immediately, specifying the nature, effects, duration of the situation, if possible, and the measures that will be taken to deal with the force majeure situation.

If the complete cancellation is due to the health situation and to the restrictions or regulations in force at the time arising from the pandemic situation due to COVID-19: the Foundation will reimburse the amounts paid, with the exception of the 10% of the cost of the program, corresponding to management and organization expenses.


Application to the programme entails acceptance of these conditions. Any aspect not explicitly outlined shall be determined by the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation.