We promote the career of young performers who excel and we offer a season of concerts in La Pedrera

The two pillars that define the project are the work residentials for creating new programmes in collaboration with other performers and the concerts offered to the public at La Pedrera. 

This platform allows the resident performer to present all their versatility, both with solo recitals and through different types of training, it encourages the extension of repertoires and, at the same time, contributes to the outward projection of their career, while retaining the local audience towards their artistic proposal. And the composer will explore new instruments and work together with young musicians to create the three pieces they are responsible for. 

2019 - 2020 season

This season, the careful selection of the most talented young performers in the current Catalan scene has included both those who are linked to stable programmes in the country, as well as those who are living abroad, either completing their studies or already enrolled in the professional world, and also to the most important graduates of the ESMUC. Out of all, artistic talent was valued and the potential to pursue an outstanding career, both at home and abroad, and also especially the contribution that the Musical residentials programme can make to professional growth.

For the 2019-2020 season, 38 candidates have been evaluated, and among the 13 finalists, the residents chosen have been the pianist Albert Cano Smit, the clarinetist Miquel Ramos and the countertenor Víctor Jimenez, with many different training courses and current professionals.  

The resident composer, a young man with already recognised talent and an ascending career, Raquel García-Tomás, is characterised by her versatility in composition for various instruments and vocals. 

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Seven seasons promoting Catalan music and interpretation

18-19 residents

2018 - 2019 season

The pianist Marta Puig, the cellist Roger Morelló and the violinist Sara Cubars, were chosen as residents, and all three were representatives of the great emerging Catalan musical talent and with very diverse educational backgrounds. All three resident’s proposals during the regular season received applause from the usual programme audience and support from specialised criticism. The project also incorporated the figure of resident composer, which went to the renowned Joan Magrané

Izan Blanco

2017 - 2018 season

In the 2017-18 season the instruments were the guitar, for the first time in this programme, with Izan Rubio, voice, for the first time with the soprano pitch with Sara Blanch, and the piano, with Adrian Blanco

Photo by Joan Bardolet

2016 - 2017 season

For the first time in this programme, the flute played a leading role with one of the most internationally renowned flutists of the time, Elisabet Franch. The violin also featured in the concerts of one of the youngest violinists with a more artistic personality, Joel Bardolet. Finally, the piano was present with the concerts of one of the most outstanding pianists of the Catalan piano school, Carles Marigó.

15-16 residents

2015 - 2016 season

The 2015-16 season welcomed performers who will surely become figures in the Catalan music scene in the near future, such as harpist Esther Pinyol, baritone Josep-Ramon Olivé and pianist Ricard Rovirosa. More than 1,400 people enjoyed absolute releases and premieres in Catalonia with remarkable performances by these young  people.  

Photos by Oscar Alabau

2014 - 2015 season

The third season (2014-15), with its already recognised format and a loyal audience at La Pedrera concerts on the third Sunday of the month, was notable and included talented residents such as the pianist Marc Heredia, clarinetist Víctor de la Rosa and the cellist Òscar Alabau

Photo by Pau Codina

2013 - 2014 season

With great public success and good reception from the specialised critics, the pianist Ignasi Cambra, cellist Pau Codina and the violinist Elena Rey were the protagonists of the second season, 2013-14.

Photo by Anna Alàs

2012 - 2013 season

In the inaugural season of the project between 2012-2013 La Pedrera hosted residents like the mezzo-soprano Anna Alàs and the pianists José Enrique Bagaria and Lluís Grané