We work to prevent the school failure of children and young people at risk of social exclusion, so that they have a better chance of being included in the working world and society in the future.

School scholarships

  1. Since 2002 the foundation has been working to provide opportunities for students who are socially vulnerable. This is carried out at the hands of social organisations with extensive experience in the sector, in order to put the right conditions in place for scholarship students to achieve educational success.
  2. Scholarships are very flexible and tailored to the needs of each student. Some of the scholarship goes towards the school or university for mentoring, while the rest goes to the scholarship student, and may include different items depending on each case: materials, transport, canteen, after-school activities, etc.
  3. To get a school scholarship, you must be nominated by a social organisation on the programme. Students between 10 and 16 years old (preferably up to 14 years, when Spanish students make the transition to the ESO) can enter. The aim is to influence school-aged children and teenagers who have problems associated with school failure and/or dropping out early.
  4. However, the educational stages covered by the programme range from the end of primary school to post-compulsory education (secondary school and middle school (CGM)). In the case of vocational training, the programme’s support can be extended to undergraduate cycles (CGS) for particularly successful cases who have chosen not to go to university, for any number of reasons.

University scholarships

To make it easier for young people who have been part of the school scholarships programme, and who have the opportunity to go on to higher education, not to miss out on this chance due to socio-economic issues, the foundation launched a program in 2016 that works with these social entities to offer scholarship students an option that will allow them to head into adult life with a greater prospect of being a happy and contributing member of society.



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University scholarships

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Scholarships awarded since 2002