Do you want to discover the science that lies behind what you're eating?

The campus gives you scientific answers to food

It is with great sadness that Science and Food Campus announces has postponed due to the COVID-19 situation. Prevention and protection of all students and staff involved are our priority. We will announce the new schedule as soon as possible.


icon--p-creativitat Fostering scientific vocations

To foster scientific vocations among youths associated with the world of food, helping them to guide their academic and professional future.

icon--p-estudis-estudiants Familiarising students with science

Sharing with students the different scientific vantage points and current research related to food, nutrition and the food industry

icon--p-alimentacio_1 Applying science to food.

Learning and seeing scientific applications in food while fostering rigour and the critical spirit.

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The Science and Food Campus programme is organised by the Alimentia Academy within the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation.

Programme targeted at students in their first year of baccalaureate with the goal of providing visibility to the importance of science in innovation and food research.


The programme is an opportunity to discover foods and culinary processes from the vantage point of different scientific disciplines , and to learn how they provide answers and solutions to the current challenges around sustainable, healthy food.

The programme aims to foster scientific vocations among youths with a special interest in the fields of science, food and sustainability while promoting educational excellence.

The sessions are taught in conjunction with research centres and renowned professionals within the field of food from different scientific disciplines. The classes are theoretical-practical or practical, which enables students to gain experience with cutting-edge methodologies, as well as to position themselves for a possible professional career within the branch of science which attracts them the most.

Registration period open. *Schedule depending on new dates assignation.
Participant selection committee
Notification of students chosen and not chosen
1st payment
Deadline to confirm place via 1st payment
Documentation and 2nd payment
Deadline to receive documentation, 2nd payment and to confirm attendance at the 2020 Science and Food Campus informative meeting
Informative meeting
2020 Science and Food Campus informative meeting at Món Sant Benet
Science and Food Campus
Science and Food Campus