Via the Alimentia Academy, we at the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation develop and promote programmes and courses aimed at divulging and sharing knowledge, research and innovation on food with society.

  • Cooperation with research centres and entities in Catalonia which stand out for their excellence and international recognition and participate in actions that foster and bring recognition of cutting-edge, quality research.
  • We promote the importance of science and critical thinking: we organise activities and courses to promote scientific knowledge in the field of food targeted at all kinds of audiences, which foster a reflection on the timely issues and challenges and share them with society.
  • We work to ensure that everyone can have healthy living habits regardless of their age or life stage, with a special emphasis on persons suffering from any kind of food restriction. Improving quality of life and allowing everyone to continue enjoying food at every meal, according to their preferences.
  • Alimentia Academy uses scientific knowledge and rigour, technological innovation and scientific research to empirically demonstrate the effects of good nutrition on people’s health.
  • We promote the appreciation and conservation of our local culinary and gastronomic heritage. We study the gastronomic properties and applications of different products and bring visibility to traditional recipes and dishes.
  • We work to ensure a sustainable, ecological and social food future. Working with farmers and the primary sector to promote local products and varieties and helping bring them to market.