What is the path to a more sustainable world?

Do you want to change the present to have a better future? Let's make an audiovisual project! 

What is Science Campus: Sustainability and... action?

It is a program organized by Science Academy aimed for young people between 15 and 17 years old (born between 2004 and 2006) with the objective of raising awareness and sensitizing the participants to the global challenges, as well as developing their motivation so they can be part of the solutions and enhance their creativity.

This campus is an opportunity for participants to recognize themselves as transformative actors, with possibilities of having voice and involvement to face the major issues that have marked the European Union, through the European Green Deal, and the United Nations, with the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Science Campus: Sustainability and.... Action! offers a broad vision of the reality within local and global sustainability and combines activities on issues related to responsible production and consumption, biodiversity conservation, or mitigation and adaptation to climate change, with a more creative side through an audiovisual and film project.

It will take place in the unique environment of Món Sant Benet, a Natura 2000 area, which has innovative facilities and projects, which are a reference in research in food and health, agroecology, biodiversity conservation and water uses.

The program has thematic sessions guided by people specialized, and a team specialized in the creation of film projects with young people.

April 20th
Make a first payment of € 375 to confirm the place, once the registration has been accepted.
May 24th - May 30th
Send all the documentation of the participants
June 4th - June 14th
Make the second payment of 300€
June 17th
Informative meeting
At 6:30pm will take place the virtual informative meeting with the participants and relatives
July 4th - July 10th
The campus is taking place!