We promote the educational success of children and adolescents by stimulating their emotional and creative skills.

What does the PAE offer?

icon--p-estudis-estudiants Study support

We help students do their homework in small groups with the supervision of educators. We particularly reinforce the core competences (maths and languages), and we help them learn basic study skills and gradually gain more autonomy in learning how to learn.

icon--p-educacio-emocional Emotional education

We create a climate of interaction and trust among children and adolescents, and between them and educators, which enables us to help them learn personal competences like emotional self-regulation, self-confidence, motivation, empathy, positive conflict resolution and assertiveness.

PAE Emotional Education Guide
icon--p-creativitat Creativity

We stimulate the curious, innovative spirit of children and adolescents through fun, motivating dynamics that help them learn to make new and original associations and connections, ask good questions and inquire, observe and experiment, all of this as they learn how to work together cooperatively.

Educational innovation

Educational mentoring programme (PAE) - Gamification

Gamification and educational games

We use play and create our own fun resources so that students and adolescents find learning an exciting, motivating and stimulating experience. The games and gamified activities allow a range of academic contents to be presented in a fun, appealing way and help students internalise study or healthy eating habits.




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