People are our vocation, we are committed to helping them. We need to work proactively to decide on a new path, one with an open and innovative vision, a collaborative spirit and consistent work.

Our challenges are as follows:

  • Taking care of the most vulnerable
    • Dealing with addiction
    • Supporting young people during their education
    • Promoting social business
  • Encouraging knowledge
    • Promoting equal opportunities at school and at university
    • Driving research and excellence
  • Protecting our natural spaces
    • Preserving the region
    • Promoting eco-social projects to develop the rural environment
    • Environmental awareness and education activities
  • Encouraging healthy eating habits
    • Researching and sharing local food traditions
    • Promoting good habits that encourage a healthy life
  • Supporting our culture
    • Protecting and sharing our cultural heritage from La Pedrera
    • Encouraging new cultural content and creations in every area

In a complex and changing world, at the Foundation we want to be on the side of the people who need it, entrepreneurs, who create new ideas and are working towards the future. People who, like us, want to accomplish their dreams: transforming society for the better.