MANS is a social project whose goal is the social and job integration of youths at risk of exclusion

Organic farmers

  • The MANS Cooperative works to produce, transform and sell organic fruits and vegetables.
  • It provides a channel to sell the products of local farmers in an effort to strengthen agriculture as a force that preserves the region, the landscape and the agro-food heritage.

Social and job integration of youths

  • The goal is to provide individuals in vulnerable situations with access to the workforce, especially youths at risk of exclusion, by creating jobs and helping them in the social and job integration process.
  • The youths join a real, demanding workplace in a highly competitive sector (large retail) and are encouraged to complete their education on a personalised plan.
  • In conjunction with public and private resources (town halls, social enterprises, companies) in a true work network.

Ecological Container



Job placement for youths at risk of social exclusion


Support jobs


Placements in ordinary companies