Organic gardens to create more jobs for youths at risk of social exclusion

Organic farming

  • The two hectares in the meander of the Llobregat River at Món Sant Benet are set aside for organic vegetable farming.
  • It is a project that seeks to promote the social and job integration of youths at risk of social exclusion. These youths have been referred from nearby towns and gain work experience while completing their education.
  • The yields from the Horts de Sant Benet are sold primarily in large supermarket chains under the brand name MANS, or via local agrifood companies that make organic products. They are also used in the Món Sant Benet restaurants, which highlight the fact that they are organic and locally-grown.



Job placements

Unaccompanied migrant youths

Unaccompanied migrant youths in the programme

Youths placed

Youths placed in the finalist company