“Learning and growing through music” is the motto of the tandem arrangement between Poblenou School and Esmuc, which started during the 2011-2012 academic year

For the first three years, this innovation project was  composed of a  combination of three educational  programmes  with an assessment of the three actions taken:

  • Teacher training on how to implement the main focus of the activities in the centre - music. Teacher training also focuses on leadership, organisation and team-building skills for the entire project.
  • Building a learning community in the centre with a focus on this main topic.
  • Designing a curriculum  based around the central topic.
  • Evaluating the process  and results of the three aforementioned activities.

Currently, Poblenou School is growing by incorporating a second line of activity, with new learning spaces and a connection with the department of education at Esmuc. It defines itself as an education centre that is committed to educational innovation through its unique music project, which is one of a kind in the local neighbourhood.