Mathematics and experimental science  are integrated as an interdisciplinary pillar within the skill set for secondary education, as part of the tandem agreement between Rovira-Forns Secondary School + Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​alongside the Observatory for Science Awareness.

The overall purpose is to  improve students' academic performance. Contributing to teachers’ professional development, greater participation of parents and guardians, and involvement in the social environment all involve three main lines of action related to basic skills:

  • Learning science, mathematics and technology through critical thinking (based on experiments and analysis of the facts), and through socially relevant topics, questions and issues.
  • Understand the role mathematics plays in solving real science and technology problems by modelling issues. This demonstrates the need to use qualitative and quantitative methods to understand the world and solve real problems.
  • Advancing our understanding of the world through observation, analysis and innovation  related to our circumstances and in relation to scientific texts, images and audiovisual documents, which can be found in relevant literature, online and in the media (learning to read, interpret, create, and use papers) for scientific learning.