Face-to-face PAE for Primary and Secondary students

Time and space after school or institute to do homework with the support of an educational team
  • In stable coexistence groups with a permanent and referent educator and a team of volunteers assigned to each group.
  • With the incorporation of protocols and safety and hygiene measures for the protection of participants and the team of educators (following the current COVID-19 prevention regulations).
  • With ease and resources to continue offering the remote service in situations of confinement (individual or group) and in cases of temporary restrictions on face-to-face activities.
We offer: 
  • Strategies and resources for children and adolescents both to better organize their study time and progressively achieve more autonomy and self-management in their learning, and to gain in self-confidence and emotional well-being.
  • Reinforcement of science study and learning strategies through complementary activities (especially for ESO participants).
  • Support for the educational work of families by offering regular workshops (face-to-face and / or online) to help and guide mothers and fathers in the emotional and educational support of their children.

Days and timetable

Two afternoons a week from 5pm to 7pm to choose from the following schedules:

Monday and Wednesday

Tuesday and Thursday

Wednesday and Friday

Monthly price

Registration 25€ 

Monthly fee:

Primary 40 € | € 37 for the second child registered (€ 2.20 / hour)
ESO 45 € | € 42 for the second child registered (€ 2.50 / hour)



Social Spaces where it takes place