This property is located in the Empordà Depression, a broad area located in northeast Catalonia. It is bordered on the north by the steep terrain of the eastern end of the Pyrenees, which sinks into Cap de Creus, and on the south by the terrain of the Prelitoral range. This depression corresponds to tectonic basins that originated, during the Neogen period, by normal faults that sink rocky blocks and at the same time they are filled with continental or marine sediments.

To the north, not too far from La Closa de Mornau, amidst the Quaternary outcroppings, ancient rocks from the Palaeozoic emerge, usually granite, while to the southwest are outcroppings of detrital rocks from the Neogene, most of them clay, sandstone and conglomerates. The sediments in this zone come from river and delta deposits from the Muga River and the Pedret Stream, the Riutort and the Rec Madral. In this kind of environment, it is common to find wetlands that easily flood with silt, sand and organic matter.