Data on the space

Name: Espai Natura Bosc de Tosca
Year of acquisition: 2003
Surface area :3.43 ha
Location: Les Preses and Olot (Garrotxa)
GPS coordinates: E02º27'41.04'' N42º09'33.48''

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Protection figures:

Space included in the Natural Park of the Volcanic Zone of La Garrotxa


Management type: in collaboration with Les Preses Town Hall

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Tips for visiting

  • Nothing is better than going by bicycle to the park entrance; the Carrilet route, in its stretch between Olot and Les Preses, will take you to the entrance to the space.
  • Bring warm clothes, sun protection, sunglasses, a hat / cap, water, comfortable footwear and walking clothes.
  • It is recommended you bring binoculars and guides for the observation of flora and fauna.
  • The movement of vehicles off roads and tracks is prohibited.
  • Do not go off the marked paths.
  • Wild camping is not allowed.
  • Fire is forbidden.
  • Take your rubbish away with you.

Where can I eat?

There is a wide range of offers in La Garrotxa, in all the nearby towns: Les Preses, Olot, Santa Pau...

Where can I sleep?


There are all types of possibilities: hotels, inns, summer camps or schools of environmental education, campsites...

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