We bring the REMS program to your home!

Who are we adressing to?

To elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, who cannot go to one of our Social spaces.

What do we do?


Online sessions with professionals, via video calls with mobile phone, tablet or computer.

icon--p-escoles-centres-educatius HOME SERVICES

Personalized sessions where professionals go to the participant's home.


Platform of activities with a follow-up by a psychologist.

How do we do it?

Online Services

Online Services

45-minute online sessions via video calls with professionals. There are different activities to choose from:

  • Cognitive activity
  • Physical activity
  • Expression and creativity activity

These sessions can be individual or in groups of 4 to 5 people.


  • Schedules are flexible and tailored to each person.
  • Allows you to sign in from anywhere, all you need is a device and an internet connection.
  • Same quality as in the REMS program.
Home services

Home services

Personalized 45-minute sessions at the participant's home, to choose from:

  • Cognitive activity
  • Physical activity
  • Expression and creativity activity

These sessions can be complemented with online sessions.


  • Schedules are flexible and tailored to each person.
  • It allows to maintain the direct contact between participant and professional.
  • The participant is more relaxed and the sessions are more fluid because he/she is in his comfort zone.
  • Same quality as the REMS program.
Virtual Space

Virtual Space

Platform with a large number of online resources adapted to the abilities of people with cognitive impairment.

There are physical, cognitive and creative activities. Also recipes to cook at home, videos, interactive games and documents. At the same time, it is monitored by a psychologist.

Access to the Virtual Test Space                                                                


  • It allows you to do it from wherever you want and at any time.
  • Very intuitive platform.
  • To adjust the difficulty of the activities, these are classified by levels.
  • It offers the participant the possibility to choose his own itinerary of activities.

What will you find?

icon--p-grup-persones INTERDISCIPLINARY TEAM

Professionals in psychology and neuropsychology, physiotherapy and expression and creativity.

icon--p-creativitat ACTIVITIES

Through meaningful activities chosen by the participants themselves and designed in relation to their interests and life stories.

Types of activities

Cognitive activity

We promote activities to maintain cognitive abilities and personal autonomy for as long as possible. We do this from the dynamics of reminiscence, reasoning, memory, language, and the expression of emotions, among others. Activities based on the needs, preferences and life stories of the participants.

Physical activity

It aims to improve general motor skills, maintain an optimal degree of mobility and autonomy, as well as coordination and self-confidence. This activity helps preserve physical health.

Expression and creativity activity

They promote empowerment, fun, and well-being in a more playful format; recovering hobbies or discovering new ones.

Complementary services

Individual online psychological support

For participants and their families. This is a call or video call support service to help assimilate the diagnosis of the disease, work on strategies to adapt to the new situation and manage emotions, among others.

Individual physiotherapy at home

For participants and their families. It complements the physical activity that is carried out in groups, when the person's situation requires it.