Through Science Academy we aim to promote scientific vocations among young people, to promote their knowledge and opportunities in the academic and professional future, seeking excellence that will allow them to be outstanding transforming agents, engines of change for a better future, and to help meet the great global challenges that world is facing today.

If you are interested in Science Academy programs and fit in with the proposed profiles, do not hesitate, apply to participate, regardless of your financial situation.

The Foundation offers economic aids to participate, and you can apply, live the experience and be part of the large community of young Fellows of the programs of La Pedrera Science Academy.

The selection processes for the Science Academy training programs are based on the evaluation of various qualities of the candidates, on equal terms. So that the fee to be paid is not a barrier on the participation of any student, if you study in Catalonia and have been selected by one of these programs, you can apply for an economic aid (total or partial), maintaining the reservation of your place, and without having to make any payment, until the resolution of the application.

The amount of the economic aid will be calculated according to the situation, income and family assets, taking as a reference the thresholds established in article 8 of  Reial Decret 154/2022. de 22 de febrero.

The schedule, the procedure, the documentation to be submitted to apply for the economic aids and the amount allocated will depend on each program and will be conveniently informed in each case to the candidates and the requirements of the program.

If you want more information about the economic aids program, you can contact us at