In the tandem arrangement between Labouré School + Tot Raval Foundation + Escola de Músics i JPC, the school will specialise in music and performing arts. Through this new model, they will work on:

  • Specific aspects such as reading comprehension, applied mathematics and environmental skills are incorporated through the music subjects integrated into the syllabus. The project will help improve understanding and assimilation of different subjects through music.
  • The core of this tandem school project is music, which is given the greatest focus, while the programme is based on four concepts in relation to experience:
    1. Sensory experience.
    2. Perceptive and creative experience.
    3. Expressive experience and/or acting.
    4. Communicative experience.

Tot Raval Foundation monitors and contributes knowledge in the field of education, as well as working on raising awareness of the project throughout the neighbourhood.