“Scenarios for growth” is the motto for the tandem agreement between Ramon Llull School + National Theatre of Catalonia, in which the performing arts are the key pillar for primary and nursery learning.

This tandem arrangement is characterised by its Learning Scenarios, which are educational scenarios that give children the opportunity to learn. The idea is based on real or fictional (dramatised) situations in which children participate actively to solve a given challenge. Work is developed from this approach, strengthening children’s abilities and key skills in a general way.

Learning is social, which is why others are needed for learning, and why different groups are important in the classroom (working in pairs, group work, teaching peers, etc.). Teamwork is what makes students understand that everyone has their own abilities and skill set. There are multiple different types of intelligence, which is reflected in programmes that cover several levels, favouring equal learning”.

The performing arts are the tools used to make the most of personal development in a comprehensive way. The body, mind and soul are put into action as part of experiences that provide learning experiences. Experiencing and understanding through body language allows students to open up to communication and to be receptive to receiving and sharing knowledge. It is not so much about theatre as a final product, but about theatre as a process. All of this reflection provides greater meaning to the Learning Scenarios, which are created as a teaching method in the centre.