The task of the Foundation

The Alinyà Mountain is, by far, by extension, the most significant territorial action of the Foundation. Currently, two very important projects are being developed by the Foundation:

Integra Pyrenees Foundation: Foundation created to forestally manage the space and use the wood to produce biomass.
Campus in Environmental Sciences UAB - Alinyà: Interaction with the university world to promote research and development, making available to all interested parties various facilities and services of accommodation, catering and transport in special conditions.
It is a collaborative project between the areas of Territory and the Environment and Knowledge and Research of the Foundation, the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA) and the Faculty of Sciences of the UAB.

Moreover, work has been carried out to find out in depth about the natural values of the property and a management plan has been elaborated that includes all the aspects that must be developed in the short and medium term.

Adaptation and maintenance of the space for public use

Opening of La Rectoria, visitor centre and agroshop.
Opening of the University Campus Classroom - El Ribatell.
Signposting of itineraries.
Enable lookouts, leisure areas and car parks.
Construction of observatories by nature photographers.
Restoration of roads, fountains and livestock passes, and subsequent maintenance.


Black vulture reintroduction project.
Help with the definitive fixation of the bearded vulture with the installation of an additional feeding point (PAS).
Reinforcement of the rabbit population.
Acquisition and transfer to the people of the valley of examples of domestic breeds of native animals in order to recover them.
Research and preservation of traditional and native fruit varieties.
Wood grouse census campaigns.
Boreal owl census campaigns.

Habitat management

Drafting of a technical plan for forest management and improvement.
Development of a set of forest management measures.
Afforestation actions in the area of the Santa Pelaia hermitage.
Measures to encourage the presence of insectivorous birds.

Meadows and pastures:
Development of a set of measures to promote meadows and pastures.

LIFE projects

Development of the LIFE CO2 project.

Development of the LIFE Pinassa project.