This space is located on the centre edge of the Ebro basin. This basin was filled with sediment during the Tertiary period, at the same time as Alpine orogenesis was raising the Pyrenees to the north and the Prelitoral mountain range to the south and southeast. In the beginning, it was occupied by the sea and sea sediments were deposited there. Little by little, this basin closed and plaster and salts were deposited. Finally (in Oligocene) it was completely closed and it was filled with continental sediments.

The main river, the Ebro, and its tributaries, such as the Segre, flow in gentle areas in the form of meanders, depositing river-type sediments. These sediments, mainly gravel, clay and sandstone, are arranged in a series of flat terraces of different heights. Specifically, this space is developed on one of the terraces of the Segre that is higher than the current riverbed, and on the inner side of one of these meanders. Currently, due to heavy farming interfering with river dynamics, the processes of moving the river along the floodplain have been halted and, therefore, we have a frozen landscape due to the human use of the territory.