Candidate profile

  • 1st year and 2nd year baccalaureate students who chose the science and/or technology option during the 2023-2024 academic year.
  • Students must be enrolled in a secondary school in Catalonia, whether public, private or semi-private.
  • Students must have a good academic record, which must be accompanied by an enthusiasm, interest, and curiosity for science, especially in the field of medicine.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Enthusiasm to take part and commitment to taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the program.

Registration process

  • The entire registration process is online, through the program’s website. The program will not accept documents sent by post or via email. 
  • In order to be considered as a candidate, the following is essential:
    • Online submission of the permission form with the details of the student's legal parent or guardian.
    • Online submission of the registration form to be filled out by the candidate. 
    • Online confidential recommendation from the student's teacher for science or tutor.
  • Nominations that do not provide all the online documentation requested will be excluded from the selection process.
  • Submitting the application form does not guarantee direct admission to the Youth for Medicine program. All applications submitted will be part of the evaluation process.

Evaluation process

All of the applications will be assessed individually. In order to make the selection, the panel will assess the information and documentation provided by each candidate, which includes:

  • Student responses to the questions on the registration form, which includes the letter of motivation.
  • Confidential recommendations from the school.
  • Academic record.
  • Motivation and enthusiasm to take part in scientific research experiences.

The candidates will be chosen by an external selection jury from the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation once the registration period is over.

Selection will be announced from 20th October 2023. 

All communication will be via email. 

The decision of the selection panel is final.

Program fee

Once chosen for the program, each student must pay €790 to take part of Youth for Medicine program via the website.

Participation in the Youth for Medicine program includes: 

  • Students’ training by professionals from different natural fields participating in the program.
  • Accident and liability insurance.
  • Teaching materials.

First payment must be made before 6th November 2022. Candidates who do not make the payment within the established deadline will be excluded from the program.

The payment of the fee can be made divided into two payments. The first payment, €474 (60% of cost) must be made effective from 20th October of 2023 until 6th November of 2023 to confirm the student's place. The second payment, €316 (40% of cost) must be made from 11th to 20th December 2023.

Payment conditions

The registration fee for the Youth for Medicine program includes: material used in each session of the course, scheduled activities, remuneration for researchers and staff, and accident and civil liability insurance. The registration fee does not include transportation to and from the institutions where each session of the program will take place.

Economic aid program

The Youth for Medicine program bases the evaluation and selection process on the qualities of the candidates. The Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation is committed to providing opportunities for young people so the granting of economic aids to candidates who can document that they cannot meet the registration fee will be studied. To apply for economic aids contact us at once your application has been selected and before the end of the period for the payment of place confirmation.

Once the economic aid has been applied for, no payment will be required until the economic aid is resolved.