Candidate profile

  • Students who have finished their 4th year of compulsory secondary school (ESO) by June 2024 (ages 15-16).
  • Studying at a secondary school in Catalonia, either public, private or publicly-subsidised private schools.
  • Strong academic record, which must come with motivation, interest and excitement at participating in the programme. We are looking for young people who not only have great marks but are also keenly interested in scientific research.
  • Good level of oral and written English. English is the language of science, and therefore it is essential to achieve mastery of it during the three years that the programme lasts.
  • Sound interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Intention of pursuing a scientific and/or technological baccalaureate. We are looking for young people with talent, curiosity and motivation in the sciences, and with the goal of specialising in this field of knowledge.
  • Commitment to make the most of the opportunities offered by the Youth and Science Programme for the three years it lasts.

Registration process

The entire registration process takes place online via the programme website. No documents sent by post or email will be accepted. 

Each school may submit a maximum of three students. If more than three candidates are received from the same school, all the school's candidates will automatically be eliminated. 

If your school has 4 or 5 ESO tracks you can present up to 4 students, and if your school has 6 or more ESO tracks you can present up to 5 students.

The following are needed for candidates to be considered:

  • Online submission of the authorisation form with the information on the student's parent or legal guardian.
  • Online submission of the registration form filled out by the candidate. 
  • The online confidential recommendation of the student's science, maths or technology teacher.
  • The online confidential recommendation of the student’s tutor, head of studies or school director. 
  • Candidates who do not provide all the documentation online will be excluded from the selection process

Submitting the application form does not guarantee direct admission into the Youth and Science Programme. All the candidacies submitted will be part of the selection process.


Selection process

A jury chosen by the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation will propose the shortlisted candidates who will go on to the second phase in the selection process. All the candidacies received will be individually evaluated. The information and documentation provided by each candidate will be evaluated in the selection process, including:

  • The student’s answers to the questions on the registration form, including the letter of interest.
  • Confidential recommendations from the school: a teacher in the field of science, maths or technology; and the tutor, head of studies or school director.
  • English level.
  • Academic record.
  • Motivation and a desire to participate in scientific research experiences. 

The candidates registered in 2024 who pass the first selection phase and are shortlisted will go on to the personal interview phase, which will take place on April 20 and 21, 2024.

Notification of the final selection will be sent in the first half of May 2024. 

The selected students will join the first phase of the programme, the scientific stays at MónNatura Pirineus, from June 25 to July 7, 2024

The jury’s selection decision may not be appealed.

Price of the programme

PHASE 1 | Scientific stays at MónNatura Pirineus

The total cost of the Scientific Stays at MónNatura Pirineus is approximately 2,200 euros per student, of which the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation finances around 70%. Thus, once selected for the program, each student will make the contribution of 720 euros in concept of registration to confirm their place. The total cost of the stays includes: overnight stays and student maintenance at the MónNatura Pirineus centre from June 25 to July 7, 2024, material used in research projects, one-way transportation to the center, activities carried out, fees of investigators and support staff, accident insurance and civil liability.

Payment must be made before May 20, 2024, to confirm the student's place. Payment may be made in instalments (400 euros + 320 euros), if required. In this case, the second payment will have to be made before June 3, 2024. Candidates who do not make the payment within the established deadline will be excluded from the program.

PHASE 2 and 3 | Research centre stays and international research stays

For the stays at local research centres, the Youth and Science Programme covers the training and materials used by the student during the research stay, as well as accident and liability insurance. The travel, accommodation and meal expenses are not covered by the programme and must be paid by the participants.
If the student is participating in an international science stay or programme, the Youth and Science Programme will cover the expenses of registration in the programme, which sometimes also includes accommodation and meals. The travel, health insurance and international visa expenses are not covered by the programme and must be paid by the participants.

Application to the programme entails acceptance of these conditions. Any aspect not explicitly outlined shall be determined by the Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation.

Economic aid program

The Youth and Science program bases the evaluation and selection process on the qualities of the candidates. The Catalunya La Pedrera Foundation is committed to providing opportunities for young people so the granting of economic aids to candidates who can document that they cannot meet the registration fee will be studied. To apply for economic aids contact us at once your application has been selected and before the end of the period for the payment of place confirmation.

Once the economic aid has been applied for, no payment will be required until the economic aid is resolved.